This is what the housing market could look like in 2019

In 2018, the housing market experienced its fair share of up and downs, attributed to many factors, including affordability and inventory concerns. But as the year comes to an end, homebuyers will be walking into 2019 with more pep in their step. Last week, amid U.S. stock market volatility, mortgage rates finally edged down. In fact, Freddie

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How to Declutter Some of the Hardest Things of All: Books

When you’re trying to declutter your home, there are always some easy wins. Old newspapers and a too-small sweater? Recycle one and donate the other to Goodwill. Done! But a French-language copy of “Madame Bovary” from college, or all those beloved “Nancy Drew” books from childhood? For book lovers, parting

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This is the coolest (and weirdest) smart furniture to own in 2019

With smartphones and virtual voice assistants already in common usage, the next frontier is smart furniture — chairs, tables and even toilets in which certain features can be set off by a smartphone or voice. While talking showerheads and couches may seem futuristic, the trend is already in full swing. People bought

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Most Young Adults Prioritize Homeownership Over Marriage

When asked about life priorities, millennials name homeownership as their second-highest goal behind retirement—and before marriage and having children, according to Bank of America’s 2018 Homebuyer Insight Report. Seventy-two percent of millennials say owning a home is their top priority, while 50 percent pointed to marriage and 44 percent to having

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Buying a home earlier in life can seriously boost your financial picture in retirement

Burdened by student debt and less inclined to marry young, Millennials are putting offhomeownership, waiting longer to buy a home than generations past. A study by independent think tank the Urban Institute dove into the data, revealing the notable financial impact delaying homeownership can have on an individual’s overall financial picture as they near retirement.

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