January 2, 2017

More Height Coming in the New Year

While the height of the new Salesforce/Transbay Tower rising at 415 Mission Street has already caught plenty of people by surprise, particularly when unexpectedly seen from afar, keep in mind that the tower’s 150-foot-tall crown, which will represent 14 percent of the 1,070-foot-tall Transbay tower’s total height, has yet to take shape.

San Francisco’s Central SoMa Plan, which could selectively increase building height limits in the neighborhood to allow towers up to 400 feet in height, is slated to be adopted by mid-2017. Planning to up-zone the Market Street Hub for development up to 600 feet in height is underway. And plans to leverage California’s Density Bonus Law to add a few stories are coming into light.

Expect height limits to dominate the discussion of San Francisco development in 2017. And if you thought they already had, you haven’t seen anything yet.


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