October 19, 2016

Mrs. Doubtfire House Priced at $4.45 Million, Peek Inside

While it’s still not listed on the MLS nor yet official inventory, the asking price for <a class=”local_link” href=”” target=”_blank”>the iconic “Mrs. Doubtfire House” at 2640 Steiner Street</a>, which was purchased for $1.395 million in 1997, has been set at $4.45 million.

According to <a class=”external_link” href=”” target=”_blank”>the agent for the four-bedroom Pacific Heights home</a> (which was designed by Joachim B. Mathison and built around 1893), while tax records for the property list it at 2,578 square feet, <a class=”external_link” href=”” target=”_blank”>it measures closer to 3,500 square feet per a floor plan artist</a> when including the lower level laundry and “exercise” rooms.
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And the home has recently been remodeled, with a chef’s kitchen and lift in the former one-car garage which can now accommodate two sedans.

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