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Prefab 101: Defining The Many Forms Of Factory-Built Homes

Although prefab construction is still growing slowing in the United States (currently at about 5% of all new homes built), it is gaining traction here and is a major form of construction in other countries around the world. About 20% of the houses in Germany are prefabricated, just a little under 20% in Japan, and 84%

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Real Estate Is The New Gateway To The Ivy League For International Parents

Gaining admission to the nation’s most elite universities is only growing more competitive, as the number of qualified applicants, and the number of schools those applicants apply to, increases. For international students, the process can be even more difficult, with English proficiency tests, the difficulty of taking US standardized tests overseas and obtaining student visas

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Is Co-Living The New Co-Working?

In big cities around the country, co-working has become a major trend. Now co-working leader WeWork, along with competitors like Common, Open Door, Bungalow, X Social Communities, Starcity and a number of others, are leaping on to the emerging co-living real estate trend. Co-living offers a number of benefits, from housing cost relief to energy

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‘2018 Was Most Profitable Time to Sell in 12 Years’

Median home sale prices zoomed to an all-time high last year,  helping home sellers net higher profits. The average home price gain since purchase was $61,000 in 2018, up from $50,000 last year, according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ Year-End 2018 U.S. Home Sales Report. That marks the highest gains for sellers since 2006. In 2018, sellers averaged a 32.6 percent

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San Francisco Real Estate Heading into the 2019 Market

As of early February, the government shutdown is over – at least for a little while – the stock market has recovered dramatically from its late 2018 plunge, and interest rates are well down from November highs. A good number …

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You Don’t Always Need a High Credit Score to Get a Great Rate

Buyers don’t necessarily need an 800-plus FICO credit score to get the best rate on a mortgage. Depending on the market, some buyers with a 700 FICO score could get nearly as attractive a mortgage rate as an applicant with an 800-plus score, according to a new analysis for the Washington Post completed by LendingTree. The analysis was

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