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Average American putting less money down when buying a home

The average down payment on a U.S. home fell in the third quarter, according the latest data collected from digital loan sourcing site LendingTree. Each quarter, LendingTree compares average down payment percentages and conventional 30-year, fixed-rate purchase mortgage offer amounts across the country. They found that the average down payment decreased nearly 10% in the third quarter — falling from

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California becomes first state to require solar panels on new homes

The vote by the California Energy Commission again puts the state at the forefront of government controls over climate-warming carbon emissions. Solar panels will be a required feature on virtually every new home built in California, under a policy advanced Wednesday by California regulators — again putting the state in the forefront of government controls

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Co-living startup Starcity to build two ground-up projects in the Bay Area

Co-living startup Starcity announced that it is building two ground-up co-living developments in the Bay Area: one in San Francisco and one in San Jose. Together, the projects will bring 1070 units to the Bay Area. “Both projects will bring to fruition a concept we’ve been working on since we founded Starcity–vertical neighborhoods. Our goal is to

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Trump administration unveils new rules for Opportunity Zones

Aiming to answer some of the lingering questions surrounding Opportunity Zones, the Department of the Treasury late last week unveiled a number of new rules and regulations designed to provide clarity to investors on the tax implications of investing in the newly designated areas. The concept for Opportunity Zones was established by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017,

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In Autonomous Vehicles’ Future, Garages Go Away: Here’s 10 Big RE Impacts

One Friday morning late last month, a fully electric, 12-person EZMile EZ10 Gen II shuttle whispered from its current top cruising speed of 12 mph to a designated school bus stop. The driverless vehicle–manufactured by Ligier Group and running EasyMile autonomous software–is being operated by Paris-based global transport operator Transdev, and is set to be the preferred mode of school bus service

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How Long Do Pans Last? Or Knives? Shocking Kitchen Expiration Dates, Revealed

How long do pans last? Or knives, or cutting boards? The milk and eggs in your fridge aren’t the only kitchen items with expiration dates. Many are surprisingly perishable, and have lifespans that eventually run their course. Push past their expiration dates, and these items may lose their full functionality … and even affect the taste of

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