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Why Countertops, Flooring, Lighting Costs Are Rising

Those wanting to spruce up a home may need to add more money to their budget. Builders and contractors are warning that new tariffs on Chinese goods will add $2.5 billion in added costs to the home remodeling industry, and those extra costs will be passed on to customers. Tariff costs on Chinese imports jumped

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What Is a Pocket Door? A Creative, Space-Saving Solution

What is a pocket door? If you’re looking to maximize the space in a small room, pocket doors are a great option to consider. Essentially, they are doors that slide on a track into and out of a recess in the wall. Often seen in older homes, they are becoming more common in new builds because of

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What’s in a Name? With Paint Colors, a Whole Lot—Here’s Proof

Picking a paint color to slap on the walls of your home can be tough—so many hues to choose from, so little time! And it’s not just about the color. A paint color’s name matters, too. Much like naming anything, a lot of thought and deliberation go into picking the right name to describe each hue. It’s

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FHA Clarifies Rules to Help Banks Issue More Loans

The number of traditional banks that participate in the Federal Housing Administration’s single-family mortgage insurance program has declined since the housing crisis. Banks have contributed to just 13% of the FHA’s origination volume, down from 44% in 2010, according to a recent report in Housing Wire. Banks have feared strict penalties and that even a

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San Francisco Real Estate High-Demand Spring Market Slightly Below Last Year’s Home Price Peaks

With April’s end, we now have 2 months of spring season data unaffected by the end of 2018, when financial markets plunged. As of early May 2019, stock markets have recovered to hit new highs, interest rates are far lower …

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No Side Table? No Problem—Try These 10 Surprising Alternatives

Your parents’ matching brown side tables are fine (and free), but if you want something a little more interesting to grace the ends of your sofas and chairs and hold your lamps and cocktails, you’re in luck! Side tables are often an afterthought, but they don’t have to be. Interior experts and organizing professionals love

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