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San Francisco’s Hottest, Most Competitive Neighborhood Market

Since the market recovery began in 2012, various districts have taken the lead as the hottest markets in San Francisco: The affluent and prestigious Noe-Eureka-Cole Valleys district and Pacific Heights-Marina district led the recovery out of recession. Later South Beach/SoMa, …

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San Francisco rents may never go down, says new report

Most of us have been on edge about rents in the city all year. And while they have sort of gone down over recent months, they have also gone up, refusing to commit to any particular pattern. It’s like a bad relationship.   Prices are at least not leaping double digits like in recent years.

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Record High Employment in San Francisco and the Valley

Having jumped like Kris Kross in July, the number of people living in San Francisco with a job increased by another 1,400 last month to a record 543,400. And as such, there are now 77,900 more people living in San Francisco with paychecks than there were at the end of 2000, an increase of 106,700

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Heading into the Autumn Selling Season

2015 to 2016 YTD, the overall median price for condos, which now comprise the majority of home sales in the city, remained exactly the same at $1,100,000: Among other issues, this market segment is clearly being impacted by an increase …

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Income, Affluence, Poverty & the Cost of Housing: Housing Affordability in the San Francisco Bay Area

The California Association of Realtors just released its Housing Affordability Index (HAI) for the 2nd quarter of 2016, which measures the percentage of households that can afford to buy the median priced single family dwelling (house). In this analysis, affordability …

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Bay Area Real Estate & Demographics

While waiting for the autumn market to begin, we thought we would step back and look at the Bay Area from a variety of angles. If you are tired of reading about real estate, there are some interesting demographic analyses …

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