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Warriors Break Ground on New San Francisco Arena

The Golden State Warriors are set to host a groundbreaking ceremony for their new state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex in San Francisco’s Mission Bay at noon on Tuesday, January 17. The aerial rendering of the Golden State Warriors’ proposed new arena.(Steelblue, courtesy of Manica Architecture) The Warriors’ new Chase Center is scheduled to open for

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San Francisco District Home Sales Breakdown

These charts show the breakdown of San Francisco home sales as reported to the city’s Multiple Listing Service in 2016 (as reported by 12/21/16). These analyses are sorted by city districts and neighborhoods by the number of transactions in different sales-price …

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Governor Jerry Brown tries again to speed up construction—carefully this time

In 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown tried to employ a kind of housing nuclear option that would have overhauled the way that San Francisco and other California cities build. In short, it would have forced San Francisco to build a lot more and a lot faster. But the legislature quietly tucked away Brown’s proposed law

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The average ‘fixer-upper’ in S.F. is now $920,000

In San Francisco, homes labeled “fixer-uppers” sold at an average of 15 percent above the list price in 2016, with a median sale price of $920,000, according to a new year-end report from Paragon Real Estate. Though the price is high, it is a substantial discount from the 2016 median sales price of all S.F.

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SF homes earned more than stock in Google, Apple, Facebook

Last week the real estate group Paragon released a report on San Francisco’s housing fortunes over the past five years. And Paragon data honcho Patrick Carlisle says that 20 percent down payment on a home in the city yielded better return between 2011 and 2016 than stock in Google, Facebook, and Apple. For context, Facebook

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Language model shows most popular words by neighborhood in Airbnb ads

Local data geek Alex Manning, an engineer who formerly worked on missile defense systems at Raytheon, recently designed a site that models how Airbnb hosts describe San Francisco, dubbed AirDnG (for “data and graphics”). AirDnG gathers listing info from Inside Airbnb, an Airbnb data aggregating site that updates a city’s Airbnb profile every few months,

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