Five stars is not enough for Pete

Five stars is not enough for Pete. I know that I’ll come off sounding like an advertisement, but I absolutely believe that Pete is the best in the business. He is smart, incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, fair, dependable, and easy to work with. Above all, Pete is a man of integrity.

I’ve done six real estate transactions with Pete (bought three, sold three – story below) and each time Pete has delivered results above and beyond all expectations. Pete’s knowledge of San Francisco real estate and his connections to all kinds of businesses (mortgage brokers, lenders, title companies, stagers, all kinds of contractors and builders) has made everything go smoothly every time. And when there are bumps in the road, Pete has taken care of everything.

I’ve been a client of Pete’s since 1998, when I started looking for a house to buy in San Francisco. I didn’t really know what I wanted and it was a crazy time in the market. Pete worked with me for 14 months before finding the perfect property, and was incredibly patient and flexible as he helped me figure out what was really important to me in a house. We made several offers, with Pete giving great advice and support every time. The house I ended up buying was listed for sale by owner. The truth is, without Pete, I never would have found it. It was a great house, and I got it at a great price.

In 2004, my future wife and I decided to move in together to a set of condos, one of which she already owned. I ended up selling my house and buying the other unit in the two unit building, and we lived in both. Pete sold my house and helped me buy the condo. Pete helped get the house ready for sale, hiring stagers, doing “all the little things” to make the house look its best and to make things go smoothly. The results were amazing: we got multiple offers over asking and closed in less than two weeks (well, it was 2004!).

This past year, my wife and I found a house we both really loved and decided to go for it and sell both of our condos and purchase the house. It has been quite an adventure. Pete helped us put the right offer together to get our dream house at a fair price and has worked with us every step of the way – taking care of each and every detail. He also did all the work to get our condos ready for sale (and it was quite a bit of work). Pete coordinated all the contractors, dealt with some sticky neighbor issues and just generally made magic happen. In this down market, we got multiple offers above asking after only 10 days on the market. The condos both closed within 45 days.

When you work with Pete, he makes you feel that you are his only client. He is always available – by phone, email, text. He answers his phone or returns your call promptly. He goes out of his way to make things easy for you. I just couldn’t be happier with Pete. In fact, I am sure that he is simply the best agent out there.

I would never consider buying or selling in San Francisco without an agent, and I wholeheartedly recommend Pete as the finest in the business.

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